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In order to investigate the existing relationship between competitiveness and CSR-related performances, we carried out a specific questionnaire among firms on textile/clothing/tanning sector (the full questionnaire is available on cosmic website).

Detail of actions

The questionnaire has been administered in Italy, France and Spain, the three Countries object of our study. During the 2009 spring period  we identified the target group, in collaboration with the Chambers of Commerce of each Country involved. Thus, the sectorial trade associations (national and local level) and the sectorial trade unions had a key role on this process of firms identification .

We contacted about 700 firms, in the three countries, from June to October 2009; and we tried to differentiate the origin area (or reference district) of the firms. Another differentiation in which we kept attention was about the affiliation sector: textile, clothing and tanning.

The system used to contact the firms was essentially telephone interviews. In some cases, if asked by the firm, we  emailed or faxed the questionnaire. The interviews and data collection were carry out by Sant’Anna research Group (for Italy and France ), the partner Empolese Valdelsa Cluster Development Agency and Fondaca - Active Citizenship Foundation (for Italian area), and Center of innovation and Conceptual development of New Products (CID) of the Universitat de Girona (for Spain).

Definition of contents of questionnaires

The structure of the questionnaire was brief and well focused on the topics of  CSR and competiveness. Our scope was to reach the greatest number of firms, gathering the essential information to build a solid framework on the real relationship between CSR and competitiveness. The questions were 11, all closed questions except for the second one: "how many employees do you have", which required a number to be inserted.

The questionnaires totally collected are 274 total: 150 from Italy, 63 from France and 61 from Spain.


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